Unspoken Commandment

Unspoken Commandment
by Anne G Dilley


Time: 1981   PETER WIECLAWSKI, a German lawyer, visits his father HANS SCHIIPKE, a fugitive in Argentina and protected by Spanish criminals.  HANS is wanted by the Russians for war crimes against their soldiers and in the west for sex with under-age twin girls in concentration camps.  A Christian, PETER is torn between a desire to bring HANS to justice and a need to forgive and understand him.  HANS tries to forge a new relationship with PETER, seeing himself as a victim of trial by media.

Act I Scene i







A poor man’s home. u/s/r is a bare wooden table with two chairs on each side. On top of the table is a pile of plates with cutlery by the side of them and three tumblers. u/s/c is an old TV on top of which is a radio while d/s/l there is a bed.

As the scene opens a young man of about thirty-three of some affluence is removing a rucksack from his back. The older man is about sixty. In his youth he was clearly extremely handsome and there should be some evidence of this. He should show a fading beauty. He looks at the younger man like an object of curiosity. He is also clearly wary. The young man is uncomfortable.

Peter: tired and out of breath The air’s so dry out there. He reaches for a water bottle in the rucksack.. .

Schipke: indicating his bed  Please.

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