Gina and David at 3MT in Manchester wish to produce my new work.   There is a meeting on September 3rd.  This is an exciting development.

On Friday, April 13th 2012 I presented a new show with music, dance and movement called The Hand of Chance and my story Out of Darkness  as a dramatic monologue at the Gregson Centre in Lancaster.  Sophie Bailey and Declan Gleave played young lovers Mary Mullin and Dennis Lennon who escaped from disapproving families onto the Titanic and perished in the disaster.   Professional actor Matthew Melbourne from Manchester played Harold Bride. 

 I composed the music and James Wood, a musician who teaches at More Music in Morecambe arranged it.  It was all done in only five rehearsals but everyone was committed and it was enjoyable.

Everyone was excellent and I can only thank them for their time and effort in presenting my work and helping me to produce it.  Thank you.

 Wed 26th October 2011 at the Seven Dialls Club, 42 Earlham Street  in Covent Garden I  presented a Halloween Horror night of ghost stories.  Two ghost stories:

1 The Open Window by Saki

2 Out of Darkness by Anne Gaelan

In the second actor Francis Woolf from one of London's top agencies narrated as Titanic survivor and Marconi operator Harold Bride after his escape from the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

The audience should be aware that this writing is entirely fictional.  Therefore any resemblance to real-life conversations and characters in this narrative living or dead must be regarded as accidental and deriving entirely from the imagination of the author.

New Film
King and Kath
It is a comedy about Internet dating

Future Project
Changing Shadows - a Short Screenplay.
Set just before the French Revolution it tells the story of  what happens when a noblewoman buys a monkey from a gypsy in a marketplace.

Previous Work
Unspoken Commandment - A Feature-Length Screenplay
It tells the story of how a lawyer is in conflict with personal loyalty and public responsibility when his father is a fugitive from justice.
16th July - 7th August 2009 I spent in London.  While there I organised a rehearsed reading of an excerpt of my screenplay at the Jermyn Theatre in London from
1.30 - 2.30 p.m.  It was attended by producers Ann Kristin Glenster and Tom Mclaren.  Actor David McClelland read the lead role of Peter Wieclawski and
Julian Lamorel-Roberts played the part of his father.  It was directed by film director and theatre director Janey Clarke. 
During this time I also attended Raindance doing the Producer's Foundation Certificate once a week every Thursday, completing it on Thursday, 13th August.
Past Film Project:
Adieu With Love  2008  - a non-dialogue film, it is a  ten minute short. 
In this family-friendly film a young girl receives a message from the grave and gains the freedom to be herself.
Ballet and movement to Schumann's 'Kinderscenen' combine to tell a poignant ghost story.   I wrote the screenplay and provide the piano accompaniment to the film.  There is a cast of 4 locals and a cameraman from London, Richard Lipman. 
The cast are as follows.   Clio Paige Appleby plays the lead role of Rose, an eleven-year-old overshadowed by her dead sister who was a brilliant ballerina.  Hannah Smith, a young local ballerina plays her sister Maisie, who releases her from her shadow.  Local actor Paul Slater plays the girls' father and I play the role of the mother.  Chris Smithson, a media studies student at Lancaster university has edited the film.   A local film maker Theresa Cuthbertson has given invaluable help and advice.   Local dancing teacher Miss Alysia Gilda has done the choreography and helped with hiring of rooms.  I am so grateful for them because without these two the project would not have happened.  Thanks also go to the Grand theatre and their technicians for the equipment hire and Malcolm and Gwyneth Dilley for use of premesis. 
Competitions: The Play's the Thing, Short-listed

Theatre Project(s):
Crystal Mist,  a musical theatre piece

Attended the Arvon Foundation Screenwriting Course, April
Studied Acting for Camera, Academy of Creative Training, Brighton
Attended a Michelle Smith Audition Workshop
Attended a Creative Writing Course, Alston Hall

Download CV as a PDF

Download Writing CV as a PDF

B.A. Hons.  Music and Biblical Studies, Sheffield University 1993 - 1996
Dip. Theatre Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art 1984-87    

Forward Press Publications 2003
War and Peace - The Poetry Yearbook 2003

Other Publications
Quantum Leap (as above)

Forward Press - Publications 2004
Children’s Poems                                                  
My Mum - Playtime Rhymes 
Spaghetti Soup - Oranges and Lemons

Adult Poems   
Rainbow of Rue - Love Hurts
White Christmas - Festive Treats
Pan Roman Polanski - In the Name of Fame
The Refugee - These Days

Short Story
Adders Among Apples

Other Pubilicatons - Poems
Poetic Voices (USA) -
White Christmas
Rainbow of Rue
The Poetry of Surrender - The Prisoner

Forward Press - Publications 2005       
Poems  -  
Wife in the Freezer  - The Tale Must Go On
Spring  -  Make Each Day Count
Lie of the Rule - Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing
Sonnet to the Rainbow - Expressions from Northern England

Forward Press - Publication 2006
Honest Rogue -  Mazes of the Mind 

COMPETITIONS                                RESULT 
The Play’s the Thing,  2005            Short- listed 

Unspoken Commandment

The Lancashire Witches 2005

Scents of Sin in St Tropez - a novel

Attended the Folly pocket film workshop  February 08, Film: Love at First Sit
Michelle Smith Audition Workshop - Attended April 2007
Grant for Arvon Foundation Writing Course for Screenwriting, April 2007
Stage B Certificate in Creative Writing, Open College of the North West
Writing Prize Lancaster Adult College, 2005

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